About Me

As a teenager I enjoyed making birthday cards for my family and close friends, but like most people, life soon got in the way and card making was pushed aside. A couple of years ago, a friend of mine introduced me to Stampin’ Up, and I’ve never looked back! You should check out her stuff at http://brooke-pawmark.blogspot.com.au/.

I have spent the last couple of years making every card possible for my friends and family. Birthday cards, Christmas cards, wedding cards, anniversary cards, baby cards, thank you cards; the list goes on.

After more than three years, I have finally decided to start selling my cards.  This is a big step for me, as I am my worst critic. Card making has been very therapeutic for me, and has helped me through some tough times in my life. It has also given me a hobby and a great creative outlet. I just hope that others will get as much joy out of them as I have had making them.

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